Acts of War against us

Submitted by Cyrus on Mon, 05/27/2019 - 04:21

It has been a tumultuous time over the past month. At first it looked like WSM was doing a big exit scam tired of mitigating DDOS attacks and such. It turned out they were compromised by LE and kept online as a honeypot for a couple of weeks. It bounced back when brave and patriotic vendors changed the featured listings on the site to tell people using it an exit scam was happening. That alone brought a lot of us to safety and away from the site.

Taking down markets is one thing, because we at least know that selling drugs is illegal. These days we're supposed to talk about drugs, here in Australia they literally put ads on television encouraging parents to talk with their kids about drugs. Yet when governments don't like the tone of the conversation they shut us down. I thought Reddit were just being pussies, but there are some serious free speech issues. So they take down Dread with DDOS, and DeepDotWeb got shut down. It is when they infringe on our mere right to communicate I become very concerned.

Since the attacks on Dread and WSM's closure it has become clear that law enforcement especially in Europe are letting little stop them form causing chaos for us. I've seen numerous threads by physically addicted benzos about the seizures and stuff they're having now that they have lost their supply. For myself personally I've been a bit inconvenienced and unable to get my beloved 25i-NBOMe, which strange it might sound I've had every days for years for its stimulant effects. Days without it are pretty strange though.

They are attacking our information centers. A former associate of Kaizushi and myself called Occulus years ago had an idea. Someone should write a generator similar to the Postmodernism Generator but instead makes drug reports which are submitted through their tipoff lines and such. Even without a software generator, we need to cause chaos for their information sources. We all need to pretend to be snitches, and flood them in frivolous reports about innocent people where nothing is found. It would sound a bit pscyho to an American and over there people might die in raids and stuff. However for most of us in the world, we can expect the police to have a modicum of honesty and decency following up our prank reports.

If I ran a big market or Dread or something like that I would make this idea very popular. We can cause chaos for their communications just with bullshit. We should send them as much bullshit as we possibly can to waste as much of their time as possible when it comes to the drug war. Only drugs though, we don't want to stall investigations into crimes that actually have victims. We need to make their drug investigations fruitless and full of falsehoods.

We can't just win this sitting back and enjoying our drugs. We need to fight this as a war, and it is a war in arena of information. So if you are reading this get behind a SOCKS proxy or some shit so it doesn't look like Tor and snitch on your friends grandma. Go snitch on anyone not selling drugs, and get creative with fake snitching. If you are interested in making this more advanced please email me, I am looking for developers with Markov experience and dumps of data of information to be used by the generator, and a botnet or a large amount of proxies that aren't known Tor exits or otherwise disreputable. Someone might have a botnet out there that can deliver the generated fake reports on drugs.

In any case we should do our best attempts we can to waste police time when it comes to drugs. We need to make this whole area of investigation fruitless for them through the magical power of bullshit. They are attacking the sites where we just go to speak to people and this is government walking all over free speech. I think we could use speech against them simply by lying to them and making up fake reports that get them nothing.