Self-incrimination and the canary

Submitted by Cyrus on Fri, 06/14/2019 - 03:43

One thing people wonder about a canary as assurance is that a person could be forced to publish a canary saying a site is safe that actually isn't. This is an issue in many places where you are under duress, however under most legal systems you can decline from doing this with your right not to incriminate yourself and your right to free speech. This only works however if the legal system remains intact and survives the war on drugs itself.

Unlike many people on Tor I am neither and anarchist nor socialist. I believe government can be kept and checked to remain only as a sponsor of self-defense. Unlike the socialists, I don't depend on central planners and vote buying - and I don't need to offer special angels to decide how a society should be ran, merely representatives whom will do nothing but sponsor self-defense. Unlike the anarchists I still think there should be a government. One could call me a minarchist I guess, but in any case have been quite fond of agorism.

It is the protection of free speech and the right for one not to incriminate themselves which are becoming profoundly important. The left are doing a lot to buy votes, and that includes silencing offensive viewpoints. The Christchurch tragedy has been used in my neck of the woods to pass laws against 'abhorrent' materials laws which prevent people sharing violent material. This is a dangerous thing because it could lead to evidence of police corruption and their violence being deemed equally unacceptable, giving more legal power to corruption.

There are many cases where violence is shared to show how dear a thing liberty is and what is required to protect it. We might be here enjoying many new things through cryptocurrency but those left behind are human. It is the very nature of how a human being is to exist that is at stake. Really it is your choice to control your feelings on the table here. It is another law that holds the human being to the status of emotional fragility and weakness.

It isn't that government needs to be perfect or bring about utopia we should be fighting for. We should simply be fighting for our self-determination. For that we merely need to be left alone, and I think without altruism government would resign from the role it is in today. It is this idea that we are helpless that obstructs the most good from happening. It will do away eventually with the very idea that people have the right to their own lives, and being free of self-incrimination is very important, it is indeed how our crypto works in regards to using a canary.

A major issue that is missed by those who seek to use government as a way of correcting 'irrationalĀ behavior" is the nature of intellect. A major issue of people who think we can't have government is the nature of concepts. They both however put politics in a bubble where it must somehow serve violence. It could just as easily serve peace. Personally I think the ideas of Ayn Rand are some of the most important ones out there, that it is good to be selfish and serve ones own life and a good political system reflects this.