We have a place for shilling yourself

Submitted by Cyrus on Mon, 02/25/2019 - 11:38

I created a forum on this site and have not had much exposure yet. I just cleaned a whole lot of spam out of the forums and cancelled spammer user accounts. If these spammers just put their products in a single thread on the appropriate Agora board in the forum. Instead, everything they post after three mouse clicks on my part is destroyed, users banned.

The market or 'Agora' board in the forums has no restrictions except those provided by KLOS hosting: no child porn, no exploitation of human beings being caused, and no impersonating established vendors from DNMs or other hidden services.

I hope it becomes a sanctuary for people who can't afford a bond or want to sell something the markets won't carry. If it isn't human trafficking, child porn, or going to incite violence against people you're probably okay to put it in the market. Things like fentanyl, weapons, and deadly poisons come to mind.