The XMR future on the horizon

Submitted by Cyrus on Tue, 11/27/2018 - 10:34

Things are tight with the market for Bitcoin which continues to decline and it is linked in many ways through trading mechanisms to the value of other cryptographic currency. Such a trading mechanism would be the use of Monero in the washing of Bitcoin that many people do. The market fallout people assume will be supported by drugs and its not really talked about on the clearweb (get a fucking blog here) but I know traders personally who seem to feel that way, and the memes are there. Seriously yes, the memes are there with drugs being Bitcoin's price cushion. I am here instead to tell you drugs don't need Bitcoin and that Bitcoin is bad for drugs.

We have collectively created, myself included, a peer distributed record of transactions we have made. We have trusted the data handling practices of nerds at various places with our personal information and associated bitcoin transactions and wallets. Aren't we a clever bunch? I think there could be a lot of retribution over a little revolution. Bitcoin isn't anonymous, but there are some methods of having it. One can get their Bitcoin selling hosting, which is fortunately how I got most my drugs. However, some of us have used cash and the trail is there. You can also buy Monero, then donate some Monero (I recommend) to somewhere anonymously (nobody sees that amount), and then sell the remaining Monero or exchange it for Bitcoin at the very different wallet. We're idiots for being seen, Kaizushi tells me changenow is where she likes to have a wash, but its secure with what she does and we won't be seeing her panties.

Monero is going to be the biggest factor in a growing deep web and drug market. We should not consider the deep web the drug market though, because its quite surface level in onion penetration. There are places like here where the right kind of people can converge and be inspired to do revolutionary change. I think with Monero we get a very strong facility, we have lost our Bitcoin to theft, we have had our liberty reserve trained and our pre-Bitcoin era people banned by fucking Obama. What can they do about Monero? Its egalitarian mining protocol assures its going to accumulate somewhere it can be sold. One then has their internet money to spend, so put a big fucking Monero sign up in your window and start trading it on the street.

I think the market will realize as Bitcoin is dying that its bottom isn't where its useful as a drug currency, but even lower because Bitcoin is a useless liability and cesspool of identifying information. One must consider the usefulness of protections in a private cryptocurrency and how these are going to be better in general for a currency. The value of XMR is tied to Bitcoin by trading mechanisms, but can strengthen to have its own markets. I'm going to recommend that people mine on their CPU and sell it locally when they can. I think we can make an impact if we make this currency accessible.

I wish I were wealthy, because one could make cards with a redeemable private key or something and an address for a site with some links to good places on the deep web to spend it. Dump them all over the fucking place!

It is in a our best interests that we adopt Monero in as many ways as possible and this can mean being a bit like the early Bitcoin era. If you see this you should offer services for XMR that are legitimate and valuable, and then you can tell the gold-bugs that XMR is redeemable in you! In any case, I think the price should be going up a lot, and I don't think a ban will kill the currency. Better still we don't need a certain nasty business of tumblers and what happened over at HANSA. You can feel safe in transacting with strangers, and I think this will bring an XMR era far bigger than what we saw with BTC.

Do everything you can to make XMR big!